Sitemap Generator Software Reviews 2007

(Listed in order of ranking)

  1. Xtreeme SiteXpert
  2. Sitemap XML Software
  3. A1 Sitemap Software
  4. XML-Sitemaps

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We started this website in 2006 about the time that the major Search engines started discussions regarding a formalised industry standard for an XML sitemap protocol that website publishers could use to facilitate the indexing process.

When the major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft) joined forces and finally released the sitemap "protocol", some companies started to release software to create these XML SItemaps.

It was only after we tried a few of these software titles that we came to understand that finding the best software to produce a sitemap for your website can be a very time consuming task. As is usual in the internet, when something new is released it's only a short amount of time before people attempts to exploit the lack of understanding of the technology. In the case of sitemaps this is manifested in the proliferation of "free sitemap" software, which uses tricks like inserting links and javascript in the "free sitemaps" in an attempt to game the search engine reults.

Asking a friend or searching the internet is usually the best way to find what you are looking for, but in the case of software this can take up more time than it can save, and ultimately time is money.

We have assessed over 30 products to come up with our 4 recommneded products. Although we have ranked them in order, each of the software titles has it's strengths and weaknesses. We urge you to look closely at the feature comparison chart that we have prepared in order to find the title most suitable for your website.

Thousands of happy website owners have used our recommendations and subsequently gained great benefit in there search engine rankings by utilising this software



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