Sitemap Generator Software Reviews 2007

(Listed in order of ranking)

  1. Xtreeme SiteXpert
  2. Sitemap XML Software
  3. A1 Sitemap Software
  4. XML-Sitemaps

Further Information


This software is certainly the most powerful and fully featured sitemap generator on the market. It produces both visual (dhtml) sitemaps for navigation purposes as well as XML sitemaps suitable for submission to search engines for indexing purposes.

Feature Set:

Xtreeme SiteXpert produces quality sitemaps quickly and easily and installs on your home Windows PC.

  • Easy installation - runs on Windows PC's
  • Easy to use, automatic spidering of website and validation of links
  • Produces beautiful Visual SItemaps : Many templates, producing both static and dynamic sitemaps,
  • Generates search engine sitemaps in accordance with standard XML sitemap protocol recently adopted by Google, Yahoo and MSN

Ease of Use:

This product is exceptionally easy to use, whether producing a a visual sitemap to enhance site navigation or an XML sitemap to increase website visibility in search engines. There is an "assistant" that will guide you through the initial setup and once your level of understanding increases the program becomes very flexible.

There is a comprehensive help file as well as tutorials

Installation and Setup:

Installation is a breeze on a Windows PC.


The support for this product is excellent, a detailed FAQ is included as well as Tutorials and an active forum is run by the developers.


This product is the best all round sitemap generator for both visual and XML sitemaps, in addition it is excepttionally easy to use and install as it operates on your own PC. Once you have this program there is no excuse not to have all of your site indexed by the search engines.

A complete list of features and a side-by-side comaprison are available on the Sitemap Generator Software Review Homepage