Sitemap Generator Software Reviews 2007

(Listed in order of ranking)

  1. Xtreeme SiteXpert
  2. Sitemap XML Software
  3. A1 Sitemap Software
  4. XML-Sitemaps

Further Information


Sitemap XML Software produced by SoftSwot is a server based sitemap generator that uses PHP to index and create a sitemap for your website. It needs to be installed and run on your webserver and will produce both an XML sitemap as well as a HTML sitemap to enhance navigation. It is suited to websites that have less than 5000 pages.

Feature Set:

Sitemap XML software is a php script that needs to be installed on the same server as your website. Your hosting service will need to support PHP for the program to run, and you will need some basic knowledge of how to install and run PHP scripts.

  • Runs as an online form on your website.
  • Generates XML, RSS, HTML and Text sitemaps. XML sitemaps are produced in accordance with the standard protocol in use by Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Provides pattern matching for URL's to be included/excluded from the sitemap.

Ease of Use:

Once installed the program is run through opening in a browser. A comprehensive online gude is available that instructs you on how to setup and produce your sitemap.

Installation and Setup:

SItemap XML Software installs easily on any server that can execute PHP code. The single interface screen is easily understood and the help files explain all of the variables that need to be set to generate the sitemaps.


The support for this product is excellent, a detailed FAQ is included as well as Tutorials and an active forum is run by the developers.


A very useful and inexpensive program that will produce an XML and/or HTML sitemap for you. It is best suited to users with some understanding of PHP, with websites under 5000 pages.

A complete list of features and a side-by-side comaprison are available on the Sitemap Generator Software Review Homepage